Questions On Feelings

Annie Altman
Apr 8 · 2 min read

Well, what does a feeling feel like?

Is it hot, cold, soft, sharp, soothing, stimulating, energizing, tiring? Is it like that friend you could talk to all night or like that person you purposefully avoided at that party? What’s the difference between feeling a feeling and being aware you’re feeling a feeling?

When did the feeling start and when is it going to stop?

Is there any beginning or ending to a feeling? Does it come on quickly or slowly? Do different feelings have different “time” frames? How does time itself sometimes have a feeling and how do feelings alter how time feels?

Where is the feeling felt?

Is the feeling localized or is it dispersed? Are parts of it localized and other parts of it dispersed? Is the feeling radiating to other places? Is the feeling being stored anywhere in the body?

Where did the feeling originate?

Did the feeling come from inside or outside of this body? What was nature and what was nurture and what some unique blend that could only be created by the two together? What is mine, theirs, ours?

Who is experiencing these feelings, anyways?

If a feeling is felt inside a human and no one can confirm nor deny the experience of the feeling aside from the human inside whom the feeling may or may not have occurred was the feeling ever felt?

What happened for all these feelings to be happening in the first place?

How (the actual fuck) am “I” here? Did “I” choose to be here? Does it matter?


Why not care about “why”?

Why care so much about the why?

Are feelings questions? Answers? Neither? Both?

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