One for the life’s invisible efforts .

We take life’s good for granted and still feel the disappointment, with the blessed life we are living in.We are more negative than being positive.It's our by default tendency to look first on the side of life which gives us moment of regression and chance to lower our spirit. We shed tears and pass majority of our time on problems rather than utilizing the allowances kept forth us to make up-shift from the lambent side to more brighter .

Up till when? it will be like this? there will be a sure-shot day we will understand our mistake of underestimating the worth of flamboyant shades of life.hope the day arrives soon,but why to suffer all the way long to realize the same extraction?There is no rule like “suffer first to learn better and grow wiser”.you need to be a keen observer and creamy interpreter.Since life always let bitter truth to sorely meet us on rough roads and steep slopes. 
why to wait for life to teach us everything through experiences? That too,in challenging and difficult conditions on jagged and painful grounds.

Firstly, life always tries to encounter us, with lessons on a very small scale,but we overlook them because of their less significance in that particular moment and commit the mistake of ignoring the must-be-observed-and-learned-from-that incident causing the twist which then happened to be called as crappy life.

Point here is,Instead of counting the stones on the way and waiting for lessons to unfold themselves as a harrowing story,Let's make a move first.Let our wisdom cross the limits to reach the roots of life which carries deeper meaning.let our mind dwell into the sea of enigmatic lessons that life tries to teach us with daily and tiny tales.Let our thoughts be so open to acknowledge the minute sagas happening in the surrounding in a learning spirit.

Lets focus on small life-talks to decode big riddles with broader vision.
Let’s value those life’s invisible efforts. 
We have everything we deserve, the rest will be served sooner or later. Therefore, appreciate the wonders we’ve got in our basket. Wait for more good things to shower. Make efforts to Convert our flaws into skills.

Observe the available solutions in air and Learn all the time.
Embrace the beauty of life’s gestures. 
Don’t complain, Don’t regret for the things turning wrong. Don’t Wait for time to fix it. Make your move. Find a way. Improve regularly. Choose to struggle. Be grateful. Design your glorious story to narrate back to life, reflecting little battles you won,feeling of pushing your limits,struggles filled with trials and hard work, and experience of the best you lived with what you had. I hope we create a beautiful destiny for ourselves portraying self-worth, dedication, satisfaction and at last proud.