Del Water Gap Shares Delicate Acoustic Rendition Of “To Philly”, Announces “Alive From Fresno”

Annie Shiroff
Nov 15, 2019 · 1 min read

S. Holden Jaffe has been releasing music under the moniker, Del Water Gap, for the better half of the past decade. With evocative songwriting abilities that intertwine with his gritty vocals, Jaffe has made waves in the indie community as he sheds light on vulnerability alongside the pleasures of romance.

Earlier this year, Jaffe released his EP, Don’t Get So Dark, a six-song collection of vulnerable tracks inspired by dimly lit rooms and romantic ecounters. Today, he’s sharing “To Philly”, the first single off his acoustic rendition of Don’t Get So Dark, titled Alive From Fresno.

When asked about the story behind the record, Jaffe stated:

“Alive From Fresno is a faux live record that i recorded in Brooklyn by myself
I did my first solo tour this summer & had a short stopover in Fresno that taught me a lot about myself. I spent a day walking around scenic Fresno in 116 degree weather. I ate Chinese food. I walked through a lawn sprinkler. I fed a homeless kitty. I will never see the $50 that I was promised for the show.”

Annie Shiroff

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