Home away from Home

About ten months ago I said “yes” to my new opportunity and came to Estonia to live for 2 years. This time was quite sufficient to catch up with the everyday life of Tallinn. It is a small city, but there are tons of things you will fall deeply in love with, immediately. I will lie if I say that you can’t find another place in the world like Tallinn but for me, this is a city which feels like home.

I’m already in love with its frosty weather, evening sun, greenery, its simplicity, typical Estonian colorful wooden houses, blue-eyed children on the skateboards, people in the streets with flowers in their hands, wooden church in front of my windows, its ringing bells, yard-keeper in the uniform who cleans the church’s territory from golden leaves every day, happy kids running through the trees every Sunday…

Yeah, I’m definitely in love with the old town, it is exactly the same as those majestic places which are described in fairy tales you remember from your childhood and always had a dream to go there. You can walk through its narrow, cobblestone roads and find out the architectural treasures, beautiful buildings with their own stories and myths.

Mmmm… Admire smell of the cinnamon, mixed with the flavor of coffee that comes out from the typical Estonian cafes. And the last but not least, I am in love with Estonian people, with their inner peace and the way they pronounce the word TERE …

Orthodox church
Mmm…this is a place where you can buy the best cinnamon almonds in T-town
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