Top 7 Features of Magento E-Commerce Platform — 2018 Review

Annie Berg
Oct 29, 2018 · 3 min read
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Magento eCommerce web development platform is the best and highly recommended platform as compare to others. It is trusted by many big brands all over the world like Samsung, Coca-Cola, Burger King etc. Not only big brands but Magento is the best choice for startups too. It empowers both small and large scale businesses with the highly efficient in-built features.

What makes Magento stay on the top in spite of high competition?

Magento has easy catalog management, SEO, website management, marketing, and many other tools making it the best e-store for the online shopping experience. It offers a free open source eCommerce solution for online retail.

Features are the only main point of highest selling of Magento in the eCommerce platform.

What are these “Features” which makes Magento so special from any other platform? — will explain the answer below:

1. Marketing and Promotion Tools: Magento has made online marketing very easy with its tools. It offers hundreds of tools to make advertising more simple.

a) With offline sharing ability, it also generates unique coupon codes.
b) Cross-sells and Up-sells
c) Sharing is so easily done by all or restricted users.
d) A set of promotional tools for new items


2. Catalog Management: Its catalog management provides a variety of features for every businesses niche.

a) Inventory management
b) RSS Feeds
c) Many options are made highly customizable like a watermark
d) Deleting and editing product reviews
e) Different price tags for different user categories
f) Limitless product attributes
g) Products samples are downloadable

3. Search Engine Optimization Tools: SEO is really necessary nowadays to stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithm. Only then crawlers will approve the website and website will be shown in top searches. This is made very simple by Magento's tools:

a) Integrated Google Site Map
b) SEO friendly URLs
c) Search engine compatibility
d) Rewrite and redirect search results
e) Auto-generated sitemap on websites
f) Automated watermarking and image resizing
g) Auto-generated search terms based on popularity
h) Multiple customer sorting attributes
i) Faster page loading

4. Website Management: Being a great platform, Magento gives authority to its user to control many websites and store within a single platform.

a) Inbuilt CMS for landing pages
b) CAPTCHA feature to prevent fake logins through automated software
c) Multiple languages and currency support
d) Fully customizable template-based designs
e) Tax calculation based on different variable key factors

5. Checkout and Shipping: Making online payments and setting their gateways is one of the biggest concerns of every online eCommerce business owner. Magento has solved this concern:

a) Single page checkout
b) User registration and checkout with items selected
c) Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support for orders
d) Saving items in the cart
e) Comprehensive shopping cart with tax information
f) integration
g) Shipping module integration with complete order dispatch details

Magento checkout and shipping

6. Order Management:

a) Admin panel enables view/edit, create orders
b) invoice printing, shipping labels, and packaging slips
c) Multiple invoices, credit memo, and shipments per order
d) Transparent administration control
e) Order status customization
f) Admin panel enables customer re-ordering
g) Order notifications by email

7. Tracking, Analytics, and Reporting: Magento has included and has inbuilt features for analytics, tracking the progress and generating reports accordingly.

a) Google Analytics
b) Sales and tax reports
c) low stock report
d) Total sales and refund invoice reports

So, all these features make Magento best choice for many web development companies in houston to choose it for eCommerce business.

Do read our article of choosing the best Houston based Magento web Development Company to get the idea of choosing the right Magento developers.

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