Quill, 2014, acrylic on paper, 97 x 67 cm; Pearl City, Shanghai, 2007, acrylic on paper, 53 x 73 cm © Johnnie Cooper, Courtesy of the artist

Johnnie Cooper at Saatchi Gallery

British artist Johnnie Cooper first came to public attention in 1970s and 1980s, but for the last few decades little has been heard of him. This is all about to change, with a show at the Saatchi Gallery opening on 19 April and the publication of a monograph by Black Dog Press.

The Saatchi show, entitled throe on throe, is a major survey of Cooper’s work featuring 50 paintings and sculptures from the 1970s up until the present day. His most recent atmospheric oil and acrylic paintings from 2018 and 2019 are debatably his strongest works yet and depict spectacular gestural brushstrokes which suggest his love of the natural landscape.

Chained To The Nest, 1974, Bronze On Wood Base, Bronze Dimensions 74x41x22cm © Johnnie Cooper, Courtesy of the artist

As well as his paintings, the presentation showcases early sculptural works such as, Chained to the Nest (1974), in which the viewer is given an insight into what Cooper calls, ‘the physicality of the surface’. He has applied this quality across many of his works over the years, including his paintings.

As his first exhibition in London in three decades, throe on throe is set to reignite Cooper’s place in British art history with further shows planned for the UK and America. The exhibition will be open from 19 April until 4 May 2019 at Saatchi Gallery, London.

For more information, visit: https://www.saatchigallery.com/art/throe_on_throe.php