Those Entry-Level Startup Jobs? They’re Now Mostly Dead Ends in the Boondocks
Lauren Smiley

Aaaaaaannnnnnd cue the chorus of responders who seem to sincerely believe that an employer — any employer — doesn’t actually owe their employees a living. Not a wage, not a salary, but a living. But you see, morally, that’s exactly what you commit to when you hire another human being.

Also, you commit to basically not being a dick. To ask of any aspect of a company’s operation performed by people “how little can we make this cost?” is exactly the same as asking “how little do we value the work these people do?”.

When will US law get its collective head around the fact that to make profits out of the work of people and not pay them enough to properly support themselves is to steal from them. To say “take it or leave it” to someone you know to be in no position to “leave it” is extortion. And when people die at their desks of malnutrition, failure of access to health care or lack of sleep — that’s murder.

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