#iLookLikeAnEngineer: One Year Later
Isis Anchalee

Arrrrghhhh! I want ALL the teeshirts! Okay, I couldn’t code if you strapped me into an exosuit that could, so at first I thought “nah, I’m not an engineer” and all of those gorgeous lively minds in the photos are decades younger than me so I thought “nah, that’s not me” but then I thought “you know, I have been known to find the odd quick, easy fix to a complicated, expensive problem, even though I’m only a gardener. Doesn’t that make me an engineer too?”

This movement is about slamming the Girls Can’t Do Stuff lie, a lie that persists in the face of ALL the evidence to the contrary because it is STILL told all through popular culture. Kill that lie. Kill it dead, ladies and gentlemen, with all the pictures and all the achievements and yes, all the teeshirts. Kill it so my granddaughter never has to apologise for using any damned talent she has.

I’d so like that the teeshirts were not necessary, too.

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