What’s your dog really eating?
Michael Waxman

Michael, are you collecting data on cats, too? It seems to me (I could be wrong) that as cats are obligate carnivores in a way that dogs aren’t, the kibble thing might be even worse for them. I live in New Zealand and I feed my cat a mixture of a locally-made factory sealed and chilled raw meat(you get beef or lamb, and my Theo prefers lamb. What comes out of the packet looks and smells like what you’d get for yourself from the butcher’s, but hass some trace elements to balance it) and an Australian made dry food where the carbohydrate content is both kept to a minimum and sourced from root vegetables rather than grain, and where the meat is clean of the three Ds.

When the temperature is warmer, he eats more meat (he has free access to clean water) and when it’s cooler, the level of dry food eaten goes up. Right now it’s summer here, and he’s hoeing through his lamb and eating less than a tablespoon of the dry per day. Basically he is offered the kibble too as insurance — I want to keep some variety in his diet.

The raw food movement is strongest among cat people, and they offer some pretty sound science to back their claims. If I were making Theo’s food myself, I think it would be cooked, involve a few veggies, maybe 10% by weight, and no grains. Unlike dogs, cats really don’t need grain, do they? I’m looking forward to seeing your dog food solution, I really am, and I’d love it if you had something in mind for cats. As I don’t live in the US, advice on what to look for or to make ourselves might be good!