Wells Fargo’s Business Model is Fraud
Bernie Sanders

So right! It’s really very easy for a bank to steal from a customer. All they have to do is to say your payments were late. In international transactions, this is a goldmine. You pay in to the bank in the country in which you live to the bank in the country in which you have the loan, well ahead of time, and somehow, somewhere along the line, it doesn’t reach the other bank in time and they charge you extra, which they add to your next bill — which you “don’t pay on time” either! You have the documentation to show that your payment went in ahead of the due date, but they don’t care. What are you going to do, take them to court? They have the best lawyers money can buy and you’re stuck renting money from them. SURE you’re going to lawyer up! They can afford to ignore you, and they will.

And although your credit is perfectly good with the bank in the country in which you now live, they won’t give you a loan to tidy up your foreign debts because it isn’t policy to do so.

So let’s push for a payment amnesty for any client who can produce authentic documentation that suggests bank fraud. Let’s take it to the UN and make it globally enforceable, because the banks are not confined within national boundaries. Thieves should not be permitted to continue stealing until the court case is settled!

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