I think you got the first part right, The voters were not fooled, they chose the candidate most…
Jhagi Bhai

Yes, but Jhagi, just because a very large number of people believe something to be right, that thing is not necessarily right. A very large number of Americans believe that Trump will work to make their lives better, but people who actually know about economics and law may well beg to differ, and we will all see the result in due time.

If people are tired of being lectured to, of being taken for idiots, perhaps they need to educate themselves? If you loudly spout an opinion that is contrary to scientific fact, you label yourself — nobody does this to you — an ignoramus. If you loudly disparage specific groups of people on the basis of their race, you label yourself a racist. If you tell everyone how inferior to men women are, you label yourself a sexist. Political correctness happened because people who were brown, or in wheelchairs, or not heterosexual male got fed up with being told they weren’t good enough to have all the stuff that white standard-abled men get without question. If it — political correctness — gets irksome at times, consider that if it was routine to treat every human being with equal respect, it would never have arisen, let alone need to be imposed on anybody.

As things stand, sexist, racist ignoramuses are absolutely free to vote. They are free to spread their opinions anywhere and everywhere. America’s great shame is that its education system has so failed as to have grown so many of them. That’s why Trump won. He’s the new face of middle America. And the rest of the world recoils in dismay.

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