What Fantasy Football reminded me about life

This year I decided to join a Fantasy Football League. I am learning first hand what an agonizing decision making process it is.

Me, every Sunday.

Hours spent staring into my fantasy app made me realize I wasn’t prepared for this type of emotional burden. Maybe this emotional rollercoaster has a purpose. Maybe it’s all more than points and waiver wire pick ups, but rather a treasure trove of life lessons.

Things won’t go the way you expect.

This week, one of the players on my team was projected at 11 points, helping nearly guarantee a win for the team.

He put up 2 points and I lost.

Life will be full of these unexpected situations and plans going awry. Your levels of preparation are what you control even if the outcome seems out of your control. Stand proud behind preparing yourself for success and stop beating yourself up for the failures. Celebrate the wins, no matter how small.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

I started to find myself repeatedly checking the league standings and comparing my players to another team’s roster.

In life we also check the standings — but for what outcome?

My version of life isn’t your version. Comparing ourselves to one another is a somewhat fruitless exercise as we all have our own game going on, and the standings quickly become irrelevant. My definition of success could be vastly different than yours and that’s totally ok.

Become a better version of yourself and not a version of someone else that you are trying to chase.

Counting on others is important.

I have never met any of the players on my fantasy team but we all have something in common — we are all counting on someone else.

I am counting on my fantasy team to put up points. Those players have an actual team that they count on to perform on the field.

A lot of people will count on you in life. You will in return, count on them. It’s incredibly important to understand the joint responsibility we all hold to one another, as our collective teamwork breeds progress and results.

Enjoy all of your wins, even if they aren’t as big as you had imagined. You will get there.

Live in your own journey and not through someone else’s.

Remember who is counting on you so you can earn the right to count on them too.

My NFL season has endured some early losses but that will make the wins sweeter when they arrive. Life can be a lot like this too.