Rose McGowan and this election.

I might be the only person in the world who is not sick of all of this political coverage about both candidates. This is how I am forming my opinion. It is also helping me realize who I really am and what my values really are. I actually really enjoy hearing everyone’s opinions, no matter how cuckoo they are. But what I really love is seeing articles written by empowered women and to see how vital this election is for women.

It is so amazing. All of us women do have a feminist in us just dying to get out. (Please look up the definition of feminist hint: it’s not scary.) It has helped me look at myself, my past and how I have also been mistreated by men through the years, but never came forward. I was shamed into believing everything that has ever happened was my fault. I really believed it up until, oh I don’t know, last night after reading Rose McGowan’s tweets about how she was raped in Hollywood. I could relate to her 140 characters more than any self help book I’ve ever read. I thought taking all the blame made me strong. I really did. I refused to be a victim. I think we as women, and former party girls chalk it up to the old days, or “I had my part to play” We pretend to laugh. It’s much easier than really looking into the severity of what happened. It was trauma. It really was.

I know that I tucked all that sexual trauma away because that’s way easier and I can lie to myself and say I let it go. Maybe I did, pieces of it least.

Until I see what the hell is going on in the world today and with women and how sexual assault is finally coming out as a main stream topic and not just a monthly article in some women’s magazine. Women are finally speaking out. This is great news! And it is no accident that for the first time in history a woman has the possibility of being our president. This isn’t a feminist issue. Women have been a mistreated minority for centuries. But we are taught to be quiet, to “let it go” or convince ourselves we created it. I think women are extremely stubborn and don’t want unwarranted attention. So, head down, do your job, don’t complain, smile and wear lipstick. And don’t even think about changing the way things are. This is an apparent attitude in our society.

Until now.

I feel a revolution coming.

And I’m ready.

And I’m just about ready to burn my bra.