Pune Witnessing a Growing Trend in the Service Apartments Segment

In the recent years, the need and demand for furnished serviced apartments in Pune tend to be the favorable preference among corporate individuals and families alike. The concept of service apartments is extremely appealing to those persons who travel frequently and have to stay out for extended intervals in the course of their projects. To cater to the needs of these people who tend to stay in a city for a purpose for a lengthy interval, several real estate developers in Pune have come up with the concept of serviced apartments in Pune.

Pune Witnessing a Growing Trend in the Service Apartments Segment

What are the benefits of living in a Serviced Apartment?

Well, basically, serviced apartments are for the corporate clients who are on transit or travel for work projects on a consistent basis. If a person has to relocate due to official purpose, then the first and foremost concern which comes to his or her mind is a comfortable place to stay. Hence, for such corporate professionals, there are two choices, depending on their period of stay; first is the private rented house or flat and the second is the service apartments.

However, there are vast differences in these two. Service apartments offer a good support network including a welcome hamper for guests. On the other hand, this feature is not part of the private rented accommodation. Besides, serviced apartments sport a number of features including maid service to clean rooms on a daily basis, staffs of the apartment to help you with navigation around the city, laundry service and food on request, and so on. But, in private rented apartments, you are on your own completely.

Serviced apartments are situated conveniently in the heart of the Pune city. You can find such accommodations in many developed and developing areas. These units are fully furnished and luxurious. They offer safe accommodation and ascertain that you receive a home-like ambience all along your stay. If you are staying in Pune for a short period or you will be visiting Pune on a frequent basis, then service apartments are an ideal option and a much better accommodation compared to staying in hotel or in a rented flat.

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