Introductory reflective Essay

“The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.”― Henry Green

I honestly wish I could have read this quote before I decided I hated writing. Looking at a blank page that I have to fill gives me more stress than I could ever explain. I have struggled forever with anxiety, but the pressure of writing is in a category of its own. I am not even sure what started my hatred of writing. I am a creative person. I love making art, and enjoy film. I always look at writing as strenuous work. I usually throw words down on a paper, and never revise it at all. Rereading my work gives me some kind of block I cannot explain. I think a huge reason I feel this way is the word count. Seeing a number of words I have to hit throws me into a panic. I end up adding way too much information. I make long complicated sentences that confuses the reader. I put useless information into my essays, and excessive descriptions in my stories.

I think looking at my writing as an article format has helped me tremendously. I was trying too hard to have a complex style of writing. Using Medium as a major platform for what I write in class cleared my head. I could write much easier thinking of everything I write as an article in a magazine. I always struggled the most with starting and ending an essay. Without the pressure of over complicating an introduction and conclusion, I could flow better. I started just jumping right in the body of the paper, and did not worry about summarizing my entire paper in the first paragraph.

“Every great story starts with a great love…”― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

I started writing about things I loved. It made writing somewhat enjoyable for me. My first essay I got to focus on romantic relationships. I can go on and on analyzing different relationships, and the motives behind them. Even though the style of my first essay was not fully developed, I thoroughly enjoyed brain-storming my main ideas for this paper. I thought it was an interesting topic, and thought it was a way to look at sexuality and our culture in an interesting light. I pulled in parts of the interview with the the author into my piece. I think that shows some insight into the characters, and how the reader should interpret the piece. I think that this paper was a way for me to explore coming up with new ideas. The story was full of ways for me to interpret and judge the characters. I lacked in my revision and communication of the work. I had an easy time coming up with my thoughts, but struggled with communicating them on paper.

The essay I had the most fun writing was my interview with Tony Revolori. I started this essay with the idea to interview Tony about my favorite director Wes Anderson. As I started their interview process it became obvious I should write my profile completely on Tony. I had access to him because I worked with him on the set of Spider-man when it was filming in Atlanta. This was the definition of writing about what you love. Tony worked with Anderson on my favorite film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. I got to talk to Tony about his aspirations as an actor, but also how it was to work with academy award winning actors and directors. Being a film student, I could understand the topics he was discussing, and this was such a great chance to interview someone I admire.

The last essay I wrote was probably the hardest for me to write. I picked my adventure before the election results came out. I decided to follow the election, and write over the Borowitz report. The Borowitz report is a satirical new column that was poking fun at the ridiculous statements made during the election. Most of the articles he wrote focused on Donald Trump and the absurdity of his campaign. Once Trump won the elections it became somewhat depression to write the essay. I honestly did not think he had a chance of actually winning. It took me a few days after the election to come back to it. It was difficult to read the articles post election. I decided to focus more on the actual style of the writing, and less on what the Borowitz report was actually covering. I think the paper turned out well, but I had a difficult time getting through it.

I think my writing really improved through this semester. I did not have to change style of my writing all together. Instead, I simply changed my attitude towards the writing and editing processes.

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