Abnormal Heart Rhythm in Cats

When the impulses are lower than the normal rate in sinus then the case is referred as sinus bradycardia (SB). Some electric impulses are created by the sinus nodes to initiate heart beat or contract. The lower impulses may cause loss of consciousness and disrupts the cardiac autonomic nerves whic is the heart’s control system. However SB is more common in cats that dogs, the environmental size of the animal is the notable factor for heartbeat.

Types and Symptoms

Your cat can avoid SB if it is involved in athletic training and when it’s being active. It’s most apparent when the cat is in rest. Some more common symptoms involved in it are

· Seizures

· Lethargy

· Muscle incordinstion

· Slow breathing

· Loss of consciousness

The causes include

· Over sedation

· Sleep

· Intubation

· Hypothermia etc.


The disease could be diagnosed only by your veterinarian through some physical examination on your cats which includes a complete blood profile and chemical blood profile. Sometimes urinalysis

Will also be taken to find out the presence of substance that might cause slowed heart rate. Sometimes the doctors might also use ultrasound and X-rays to visually examine the abnormalities.

The ECG will be used to test the electric currents in the heart muscles and may also reveal the abnormalities in the cardiac electric conduction. The cardiac electric conduction has the ability to contract and beat the heart. Sometimes 24 hours hear monitoring is necessary to conclude the diagnosis.


If the case is delicate then your cat might be admitted as an inpatient and will be give fluid intervention. There is no necessary for the cat to restrict its movement when the cat is under treatment.