Remedies For Cat’s Fever

Lethargic, dry nose, dry lips, excessive shedding, dullness, and shivering are the symptoms that your cat has affected by fever. Fever is generally characterized as an immune disorder. The normal body temperature of the cat should lies between 99.5 to 102 degrees and if across that limit. As like humans fever in cats will make them inactive and restless. Help them with good remedies to overcome the fever. Here are some effective remedies that will help your cat’s fever.

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Provide plenty of water to your cat affected with fever. A fever with a rise of temperature in your cat’s body will make the water contents to decrease. So it is necessary to provide enough water content to its body. Place a bowl of water near them and so monitor the intake of water regularly.

Cold Compress

Provide a cold compress treatment for your cat to reduce the temperature. You can cover your cat with a wet towel or else you can fold some ice cubes on a towel and place it on its body by giving a gentle massage.

Echinacea And Sage

Echinacea and sage help in curing the fever. The prescribed quantity of drops to advised to feed your cat. Consult your veterinarian to know about the quantities of drops to be given to your cat affected with fever.

Cool Water

Make your cat reduce its temperature by giving a cool water bath. Use a natural soap and shampoo for bathing. In the fever times, you can make your cat to bath for twice a day.

Keep Them Cool

Provide your cats with a cool environment. Place a fan near them. Make their room to be in cool temperature as it will affect the cat’s temperature and helps them to recover quickly.