What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

I particularly liked the part where you said you only counted the average American woman and not people in the same job. I think what lies there are some facts that may hinder your point just a little bit, so maybe compare that and get back to me.

I also like how you effectively said women are told not to negotiate. Youre telling me that every woman has to do what theyre told (even though nearly everyone would be discouraged to try and defy their boss) when she’s unhappy? I think youre demonstrating inequality yourself there if youre saying women have to do what they’re told.

Check your facts and stop whining. This is old news and almost completely none existant in your country. Try concentrating on 3rd world countries where women are being beaten, abused and are made to live in fear if they try to stand up for themselves. I don’t think you realise how lucky our countries actually are.