Tuesday September 11, ‘18
John Allen

John, I agree with you on all this — guess that puts ME on a list somewhere, too. Probably we are in good company.

I have been working on a story to post on Medium about how we “collectively lost our hearts and minds on 9/11”. Not ready for publication yet…..

Now we’ve got kids that can register for the military at age 17 — meaning they may not even have been BORN when the towers were demolished. And they go off to fight in a war they don’t even understand. All for “patriotism”?

They tell us they are killing jihadists — who are Islamic. Radical Islamists. Okay — but then we are simultaneously told “not to be afraid” (don’t worry, I’m not), and also to not be an Islamaphobe (again, don’t worry, I’m not). But if THEY tell us they are fighting them, but we shouldn’t fear them — I wonder how they figure that will happen?

And btw, Erik Prince made a fortune over there, with his mercenaries. And now he wants to do it again.

If you have a chance, watch the movie “War Machine” — probably a bit more truthful about what’s going on in Afghanistan than many would like to admit.