Conversation with My Wife (118)
Jack Herlocker

What you do, and this would be absolutely HILARIOUS, I guarantee it — is you get the OTC sleeping aid and hold it in the palm of your hand, hidden-like, and don’t say anything about it — be all nonchalant and all. Then you suddenly surprise her, and do like you do with a cat — you pry her mouth open and push the pill down her throat, close her mouth and stroke her throat (it helps them swallow it) — and they get it over it pretty quick — just be sure you have trimmed her nails first.This way, when she gets in position, you CAN actual do the “move” and she’ll be asleep and won’t notice.

I think.

Or not.

She might get pissy, but it’s worth a try at least once, right?

So, it’s a go?