So There I was, set in the bar

Sparks of different Disco lights

Sounds of different counties set above,

Hopping around different bars, was the motto,

It set the rhythm

Such a classic,

How amazing to stare in the eyes and recognise the happiness even with the worries some, may still find themselves in the reach to get out off, no worries mattered this moment.

Everyone walking in, dressed with sweet scent of lavender, Everyone coming together, speaking laughters to the max of their voice,

Such a happiness in disguise expressing how happy we are. Affirming each his or her own worth of happiness, with every moment in celebration we best know how.

With every piece into happiness and laughter in the moment, came along, celebrating cheers with the bubbles in our champagne…

Then a friend booked another bar to explore. Ofcourse We are planning our outfits right now.

P.S: Don’t Tell my mum I went to the bar! hehe God understands it’s okay to have fun anyway, he knew already before it happened. Yes I know so.

Hugs & kisses

Love Always

MSU, muah x