capsized life

I was an airheaded graduate dogging into the World of Techies after completing the tenure of Engineering Education.An unleashed Engineer could fuzz through the relics of foretold stories of the successors from college but I, a very simple but a little different idealist chose to nerf that usual typo syndrome.I needed to walk along an alien pathway that made no sense to usual scoffers around me so I made up my mind, reinvented my inner peace and left for a village that provided me the basic amunitions to entrench into a financial sector to join my family lineage.I might have missed that abysmal to set my future as a banker at some point that two years of intense training did’nt save me a seat in one.

Mahn!! I gotta rush down to my ‘now’.Today I am working as a motivational trainer as well as a consultant which are not widely applauded by the society ,but yes I am ascertained to be following my mind for the last four months.It is difficult to fondle the rough terrains marked in one’s star.I am juggling with odds at my office ,I am alarmed even if there is little toilet cleanser in my office .Everyday I have to check on the students ,prepare them for Visa interviews,attend every enquiries , inflict the spirit of motivation in those souls who fail in the primary attempt of their English proficiency tests.

Many of my colleagues are invidious of me as I earn the highest pay scale in the company.Ironically, my boss( epitomised as ‘monstress’) has been assiduously using all her might to debilitate me since the previous month .Albeit my efforts to continue this tug of war on an end being a proliferring dignified lady(a hangdog ), I am swept into the rampages of uncertainity.Alas! she has threatened me of replacing me with a better option to productivity.My upcoming ladie’s days- out ,fun enamouring road-trips all are now withering into soup & they were an inspiration that had evoked a spirit of unstinted patience to work everyday before.

In the last few months, I have been crippling over the cycle of a working woman- tranquile at the family , answering silly calls & pings of far- friends ,catching up with plummeting movies,updating dailyhunts,channelising charity out of my meagre income.I vowed at the universe that I would only leave the World as a working woman& creaky life hecks sprinted through my tablet to empower me.To add up my remorse ,my short-time relief would soon mark its dreadful end.

“ No regrets, no mournings life would finally flight you to the stardom of jurisdiction”

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