100 minutes to find 100 women in tech

On a quiet Thursday night, I decided I wanted to find 100 women in tech in 100 minutes to prove there are loads of amazing women doing all kinds of amazing stuff in the sector. It was like a supermarket sweep of Twitter (Twitter handles are included below where possible).

Please note that this was put together fairly quickly, so let me know if any corrections are needed (or additions which I’m really happy to add).

Update: I’ve been asked to add more names (great problem to have) so they are added at the bottom of the list.

Let’s go!

  1. Llara @The_Llara / Head of UX & @ladiesthatUXMCR volunteer.
  2. Chelsea Slater / Co-founder @innovateheruk & @lpoolgirlgeeks
  3. Dr Andrea Cullen @stuff4andrea / Co-Founder & Senior Consultant at Techtile Solutions Ltd (cyber security specialist)
  4. Rachel Benn @rachalate / Helping kids to learn tech through libraries
  5. Clare Devine @clarecodes / Software Developer, Digital Ambassador, Code First: Girls Ones to Watch 2017
  6. Claire Duffield @flowersclaire / Digital engagement in libraries
  7. Jade Ryan @itsjaderyan / @northcodersgraduate, JavaScript Developer
  8. Pauline P. Narvas @paulienuh / DevOps @EE
  9. Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE @aimafidon ‏/ Co-Founder, Head Stemette & CEO of @Stemettes.
  10. Emily Cressey @emilyvc_ ‏ / Product Designer @fueled
  11. Eve Warren @EveWarren1 ‏/ Host of Ladies Wine Design Leeds @lwdleeds
  12. Ellen Setterfield @ellenkate ‏/ UX Designer @pushdoctor
  13. María Hardie @MariaHSSB ‏/ Digital Marketer at Aviva
  14. Helen Mosley @helenmosley ‏ / SEO Copy writing Manager @hello_epiphany
  15. Lizi Legge @GlassesGirl3 ‏/ Social Media expert
  16. Josephine Keller @pushingpesos ‏/ Social Media expert at Dr. Oetker
  17. Emma Harvey @em606 ‏/ Head of Product Management @NHSDigital
  18. Leanne @pixelboutiqueuk ‏/ front end developer
  19. Dr Victoria Betton @VictoriaBetton ‏/ Founder @wearemhabitat @cospacenorthHQ
  20. Edafe Onerhime @ekoner ‏/ ‏ Consultant Data Scientist
  21. Alice Bentinck @Alicebentinck / Co-founder of EF (@efLDN) and @CodeFirstGirls
  22. Sarah Tulip @sarahintalent / advocate for women in tech/STEM and chief operating officer
  23. Natasha Sayce-Zelem @unharmonic / Founder of @EmpowerWithTech, Ladies of Code Leeds & the Science/Tech Festival Director of @LeedsIntFest
  24. Arianne Donoghue @ArianneDonoghue / Strategy Director at @hello_epiphany and manages She Does Digital
  25. Rose Mountague @rosey_lee / Creative Director @hello_epiphany and my partner-in-crime co-founder of She Does Digital
  26. Tanja Lichtensteiger @grappleshark / Engineering Manager @skybetcareers and all round badass public speaker and award winner
  27. Zandra Moore @zandramoore / CEO of @panintelligence and founder of @leanin Leeds
  28. Ceri-anne Jackson @ceri_anne & @ceri_anneblog‏/ iOS Dev at @sky
  29. Gintare Gervyte @garbane / CRO Analyst @hello_epiphany and former medical scientist. Part of She Does Digital
  30. Nicola Good @Goodster31 ‏ / Programme Director @hello_epiphany and original member of She Does Digital
  31. Gillian Sibthorpe @GillSibthorpe / Product Manager @skybet
  32. Christina Xu @christinaxucmc ‏ / Founder of chinamarketingcorp.com
  33. Sue Mosley @sue_mosley ‏ / Project lead on a work stream to improve gender diversity across @BBC Design + Engineering
  34. Sommer Croft @SommerCroft ‏ / Programme Manager at @NHSdigital
  35. Gwen Diagram @gwendiagram ‏/ Software Tester / Scrum Master / DevOps @sky. One of the organisers of the Leeds Testing Atelier.
  36. Emma Cheshire @germinates ‏ / Co-founder of the @futurelabs Leeds start up network
  37. Robyn Vinter @RobynVinter ‏/ founder & editor @theovertake, co-founder @WBWAwards & @the2ndsource
  38. Kimberley Bottomley @freedbydesign ‏/ Head of CX @Cocoon; Organiser @NUXUK
  39. Christine Smethurst @SmethurstSocial ‏/ Advocate for mums in tech & freelance social media expert
  40. Katie Gallagher @katiegallagher ‏/ MD of @mcrdig
  41. Mel Kanarek @melkanarek ‏/ advocate for women in tech @SHFDigital
  42. Katie Fenn @katie_fenn ‏/ Engineer @npmjs. Co-organiser @frontendsheff. Volunteer @scotlandjs
  43. Eve Roodhouse @eveyroo ‏ Former Implementation Director @NHSDigital, now Chief Officer Economic Development, Leeds.
  44. Jane Nriapia @JaneyNriapia ‏/ Digital account manager @hello_epiphany and writer for She Does Digital
  45. Kelly Weston @KellyCWeston ‏/ Delivery Partner at Jaywing
  46. Katie Reeves @Kattercakes ‏/ Creative Director at Jaywing
  47. Sallytwoshoes @sallybogg ‏/ IT manager at Leeds Beckett
  48. Beverley Bryant @Beverley_Bryant ‏/ Chief Operating Officer, System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, Women in IT ‘Digital Leader of the Year’ 2017.
  49. Amy Tootell @AmyTootell ‏/ Marketing & Business Development @jaywingintel
  50. Hannah Fitton @hannah_fitton ‏/ Associate Account Strategist @google
  51. Lesley Walkinshaw @MidnightTester ‏/ Testing Manager @skybet
  52. Becky Collier @RJ_Collier ‏/ promoting Leeds as a digital and tech hub at LEP
  53. Amy De-Balsi @amydebalsi ‏/ Founder of HERD careers
  54. Sacha Judd @szechuan ‏/ MD, http://hoku.nz . Host of @refactornz & @floundersclub. Talks about fans & tech http://sachajudd.com/superfan .
  55. Antonia Jones @AntoniaUOL ‏/ Senior IT Support Advisor at the University of Leeds
  56. Dr Sue Black OBE @Dr_Black ‏/ I don’t have to explain this one, do I? LEGEND.
  57. Naomi Climer @naomiclimer ‏/ Many things, former president (the first woman, I believe) of Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  58. Claire Stocks @stocksyatlarge ‏/ Head of Interactive at @BBC Children’s
  59. Debbie Singleton @Debsingleton7 ‏/ IT Business Partner at The Co-operative Group
  60. Pip Jamieson @Pip_Jamieson ‏/ Founder of The Dots & Sunday Times’ Top #100 Disruptive Entrepreneur
  61. Sara Wachter-Boettcher @sara_ann_marie ‏/ Co-host of @noyougoshow. Author of Technically Wrong from @wwnorton
  62. Kristal Ireland @kristalsmile ‏/ Head of Ecommerce & Retail at LNER
  63. Rachael Casper @rlcasper ‏/ Development Manager at @edit_agency
  64. Yasmin Ahkter @the_only_Q_o_L ‏/ Early careers recruitment at @Skybet
  65. Lowri Elen Davies @lowri_elen ‏/ Freelance Senior UX Consultant
  66. Sarah Mullaney @sarmull ‏/ Aquisition Marketing Manager at Perform Gaming
  67. Ashley Baxter @iamashley ‏/ Founder of @_withjack
  68. Lizzie Lewington @xlizziedollxx ‏/ International SEO Manager and member of She Does Digital
  69. EleanorFayNicholson @eleanorfay_ ‏/ Founder @oslo_agency
  70. Jessica Wade @Jessicawade93 ‏/ Marketing executive
  71. Jacquelyn Guderley @JacsGud ‏/ Founder @salome_lit. Co-founder @Stemettes
  72. Malin Persson @Typecally ‏/ runs @Glug
  73. Catherine Bardslet @CatherineWOF/ Founder of Cloudtrainer @Cloudtrainer
  74. Helen Baron @hellsbells_82 ‏ / Digital Solutions Architect @sky
  75. Naomi Wuv@RealSexyCyborg ‏/ absolutely mad YouTube channel — makes videos about experimenting with tech
  76. Maria Lena Engel @marialena_engel ‏/ Web developer
  77. Sally Rushton @SallyRushton ‏/Head of digital engagement @jaywingsays
  78. Lorna @lorns23 / Co-Founder & Senior Information Security Consultant at Techtile Solutions
  79. Lola Oyelayo @LolaOye ‏ / UX/ Strategy/Product Innovation; Blockchain/Crypto. Co-founder @RootedInnovate.
  80. Sam Ward @SamWardMCR / @huffingtonpost Entrepreneur Of The Week Crypto / Blockchain tech @wealthchain
  81. ‏Lisa Myers @LisaDMyers ‏/ CEO & Founder of @VerveSearch. BIMA100 — CEO & Leaders 2017, Founder @WomenInSearch Conference
  82. Becky Boyd @beckyboydgeek ‏/ Social media marketer & world’s 1st Digital Garage trainer @GoogleUK.
  83. Becki @b_ecki ‏/ SEO copywriter at @hello_epiphany
  84. Naomi Timperley FRSA @naomitimperley ‏/ Co Founder of @TechNorthAdv
  85. Emma Gray @emsipic ‏/ Freelance digital marketing & training. Working at Google’s Digital Garage & @TheLandingMCUK
  86. Beckie Taylor @RTaylor81 ‏/ Disruptive Women in IT awards Finalist — Co-founder @closconsultancy @techreturners @WITNorth
  87. Louise Sinclair @louisesinclair ‏/ Champion of women in health tech, Co-Founder of @oht_uk
  88. Rachel @RachBLondon ‏/ Tech Evangelist @lisk and @lightcurve. Javascript developer, @foundersandcoders alum
  89. Kate Moxon @KateeMoxon ‏/ Digital Marketing Manager at Engage Interactive
  90. Heather McCartney @h_mcc ‏/ Software developer @idioplatform, Code Club volunteer,
  91. Sarah Beaumont @sarahhome16 ‏/ Consulting Account Director @Edit_Agency
  92. Belinda Parmar @belindaparmar ‏/ OBE, Founder of The Empathy Business, Campaigner for #TheTruthAboutTech World Economic Forum
  93. Joanna Shields @joannashields ‏/ CEO of @benevolent_ai. Former UK Minister for Internet Safety & Security. Founder of @WePROTECT.
  94. Laura Anderson @aforte4fashion / Social Media and PR Manager at La Redoute UK
  95. Maddie Oliver @moliverx / Digital Project Manager @hello_epiphany
  96. Hannah Cooper Best @HannahJCooper ‏/ Account Director at Mindjumpers
  97. Frankie Mullaney @framull / PR & Earned Media Account Manager @jaywingpr
  98. Philippa McDonald (not on Twitter) / Project Manager @skybet
  99. Rebekka Baddeley @rebekkabaddeley / Senior Account Manager at Digitronix
  100. Danielle Harrison (not on Twitter) https://dribbble.com/Danjayharrison / Digital Designer
  101. Charlotte Tyson @Tyson_Digital ‏/ E-Commerce Analyst/Digital Marketer YPO
  102. Katie Attwood @katie_attwood/ freelance business analyst, @ShfWIT @agileSheffield
  103. Claire Garside @cgarside / Educator, Maker, #EdD student, Co-Founder @FDNdigicreate @LeedsRaspJam @MakerEdLeeds