So acknowledge it by saying hello back or at least civilly excusing yourself when addressed.
Wow, did you miss that guy’s point…or maybe deliberately misconstrued it.

I’m not sure where you got the impression that I’m in the habit of ignoring people — women or men — when they talk to me.

Stating that you want men to quit talking to you, uninvited, is not the same as stating that you’re going to ignore them if they do talk to you.

Although I’d certainly be within my free speech rights to do so, since the First Amendment not only protects the right to speak, but also the right not to speak.

But anyway.

I stated that I do not want men I do not know to initiate conversations with me whenever they feel the desire to do so, regardless of my social cues. From that, I guess, you assumed that I just don’t talk back? That I ignore people when they do speak to me? No. I don’t. I RESPOND TO SOCIAL CUES. And I wish that all these chatty men would learn to do the same.

Take care.