Alloy vs. Steel Wheel: Which One is Preferable?

Choosing the right wheel for your vehicle is very important for both safety purposes and performance of the vehicle. When it comes to the different types of wheels available, wheel and alloy are the two most common types of wheels available. However, selecting between alloy and steel wheel can be a difficult task. Each type of wheel has its own advantages; however, many car owners prefer alloy wheels for a number of reasons. The best part is you can easily repair bent alloy wheel with the help of professional wheel services. The blog discusses in detail the difference between alloy and steel wheels.

Should you Go for Steel Wheels?

Many old as well as low-priced new cars have the standard steel wheels. Steel is the common choice of metal for most of the parts of the car as it is affordable. Steel can also be given different shapes easily, which makes it an obvious choice for cars. However, steel wheels are quite heavy, which is the reason why most of the vehicles come with alloy wheels. In addition, alloy wheels also add to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicles.

What Makes Alloy Wheels Different?

Alloy wheels are made with a combination of aluminium, magnesium, nickel and many other metals. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels which is the main advantage. Lighter alloy wheels also provide better acceleration than steel wheels. In addition, alloy wheels also help you stop the car faster as compared to steel wheels. Alloy wheels also put less strain on the suspension components. During extreme driving conditions, alloy wheels are also better at dissipating heat from the components of a car’s brake components as compared to steel wheels.

What are the Cosmetic Differences?

Aesthetic appeal is one of the primary factors that vehicle buyers check. As compared to steel wheels, alloy wheels give a better look to the vehicles. Alloy can be easily styled in different ways and also improve the overall look of the car. In short, if you love to customize your vehicle, alloy wheels are the right option for you as these can be easily customized according to your choice.

Last Few Words

Those were the major differences between alloy and steel wheels. Considering the advantages of styling and performance, almost all the modern vehicles come with alloy wheels as compared to steel wheels. If you are worried about damage, bent alloy wheels can be repaired without any problems.