Helpful Guides to Strengthen Your Car’s Bent Rim

Do you know your car’s rims are extremely expensive to purchase? Therefore, many people choose to get it repaired when it bends due to some reasons such as you have driven the vehicle up against a curb or another hard object. Rash driving or potholes can cause your rim to be scratched and depending on the type of rim and how fast you drive, the rims can be bent out of shape. What will you do if it happened with you? Will you go for purchasing a new expensive rim?

Strengthening rims getting them repaired can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Repairing bent or scratched auto rims is usually possible.

Read on for a brief set of guidelines on how to repair bent auto rims.

Wheel Rim Restoration

Though wheel rim restoration or strengthening an aluminum rim yourself is a touch task, let’s give it a try. Some people don’t mind curbing their rims. So, you should also worry and choose to fix it yourself. However, if you’re not a tech-savvy person, don’t do it. Rather get it done by professionals.

Let’s follow these step by step guides.

Lifting Your Car

Take the jack, and lift your car to remove the wheel.

Removing the Tire

Remove the tire from the rim. You can do it yourself by using a pry bar or by taking the when to a nearby tire service. But unless you have done this before, get it done by professionals in order to avoid any further damage.

Laying the Rim

Once the tier is removed, lay the rim on its undamaged side. It’s good to place it on a floor mat or old blanket.

Heating the Damaged Lip

Take the propane torch. Light it. Set it to full bore. It means you have more of a blue flame than a yellow or orange one. Heat the damaged lip of the rim carefully. Heat it for near about two to three minutes at a time. Once you heat the rim, turn off the torch and place the wood board against the rim.

Hammering the Wood Board

After placing the wood board against the rim, hammer the wood board against the damaged lip. Turn the torch on to heat the lip again. Then, place the board and again hammer it. Do it till the rim comes to its original shape.


Aluminum rim straightening is not as easy as it sounds. It’s good to look for professionals and get the rim repaired. There’re rim repairing service providers. You will find them online.