How to

My first google search of the day was “how to survive between marriage counseling appointments.”

That query, and the fact that Google returned no useful results, sums up my current state entirely.

How to… means I don’t know. I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t know who to ask, so I’m asking the internet. For a person with many close and supportive friends and relations, this is bad.

Survive… means one foot (of my marriage, mental health, career, maybe even my life) is in the grave, and the other is on a banana peel. I’m not trying to achieve short- or long-term goals, must less thrive; I’m trying to make it through the day.

Marriage counseling… means we are getting professional help. The efficacy of marriage counseling is debated, but it’s the last thing we know to try before separating.

Between appointments… means the situation is so critical that the 7 days between sessions feel like an eternity. So heavy is the burden, so acute is the pain, I see immediate answers. Even anonymous, contradictory answers will suffice if I can find one to hold on to.

And since none of the first or second page of results help me, I better write my own how-to.

To figuring it out… salut!

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