7/21 Chapters 7 and 8
Yaniv Aronson

Media convergence is the transformation of many distinct types of media into a cohesive brand. This change, which has been carried out by major companies like Metro News, involves a series of changes. These steps include, “taking companies out of private hands, raising capital with public stock offerings, and reforming the corporate mission” (Klinenberg). A news stations like Metro News would then merge with providers of different media forms like Internet companies and television providers to create an all encompassing brand. Through convergence a once single dimensional company becomes multidimensional, “Within ant single metropolitan news agency, the main news room is increasingly likely to contain a television studio, internet production facilities, radio equipment, sophisticated graphic machines , and hundreds of computer terminals for print journalists” (Klinenberg). These changes usher in a “new newsroom” which has a set up that is more functional for a growing company going through convergence. In addition convergence requires those hired to work in the newsroom to possess the skills needed to handle the multimedia company. I think that the news world today is very integrated considering that those who update their ways, and can deal with the changing technological ways succeed. Having said that, I am sure that we haven’t reached full integration, and I am not sure if that point can be reached considering the pace at which new technology is released. The new newsroom requires workers to keep up with the changes that occur, “In the new media newsroom, journalists have become flexible laborers, reskilled to meet the demands from several media at once” (Klinenberg). In addition to flexibility, new systems must be implemented to keep up with changes in the company. For example, new ways of labor division might be necessary to deal with the updates that convergence requires.