Goal #1

Launch a blog by March 4th or March 13th. Publish weekly and get a 100,000 subscribers.

Hindering me: Finding time and disciplining myself to write weekly.

Action steps: Design the site, organize my writing, Get into peak state. Get very clear on the messaging to form a foundation for my book.

Why is this important? I can’t not anymore. I have no choice. It’s writing me.

Goal #2

Organize my stuff and reduce it by 33%

Hindering me: Time, time, time and an enormous sense of overwhelm.

Action steps: List all locations, create inventory of all furnishings and art, etc. Figure out how to sell it all. Auction or other?

Why is this important? Clogging up so much of my brain space. Freedom!!!!!!!

Goal #3

Peak state and peak performance with am/pm rituals and diet.

Hindering me: I looooooove to sleep to stay in bed and hit the alarm 10 times and I feel groggy in the am.

Action steps: No food after 8pm and must be in bed by 10:00.

Why is this important? Reduce anxiety, more effective when I get to my office, feel great and lose weight.


Move my 84 year old Mother from a house she has lived in for 55 years.

Hindering me: Time and a HUGE sense of overwhelm.

Action steps: One “bite” at a time as they say. Create an organized action plan and divvy up among my sisters.

Why is this important? She needs to be in a house with a first floor master (no steps).

Goal #5

New website with new with links to my blog and new “e” product as well as physical product.

Hindering me: Getting clients to agree to photography.

Action steps: Finding a designer that I like. writing new copy, new headshots, new video.

Why is this important to me? My website is very old and outdated. Needs to reflect my new directions, voice and product. Create an online source of income.

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