Learn to get Offline HP printer Online | Solution

Annie Ross

When your HP printer is not printing; not responding; or make noise but doesn’t take paper to print then, most likely it is offline HP printer.

To confirm that it’s the HP Printer offline error, you should first analyze the below-stated error signs and later, fix the one causing trouble.

So, with no more fuss- let’s get started!

HP Printer offline Error

Signs of HP offline printer

There are many ways to find if the printer device is available or sleeping.

And, to help you find-if our printer is available or resting offline, here are the some of the signs that you can check with your computer and printer device:

1. Open the windows on your computer device that contains the HP printer icon. Most likely, it is present in the Printers and scanners window.

If the icon on-screen displays yellow mark-it means you need to fix the printer device.

1. However, if you cannot locate the HP printer icon on the window, it implies your computer device isn’t connected with the system. And, you need to setup the HP printer again.

2. Other than this, you may also get to see ‘Status: offline’ written just below the HP printer icon. If that’s the case, then- you need to change the printer properties and wake the HP printing machine.

In case, you cannot relate your HP Printer problem with any of the above signs then, check for signs and solutions of HP printer paper jam.

As, this can be another reason for HP printer not printing!

Otherwise, if you found the status as offline for your HP printer, keep reading the solutions below.

Steps to turn Offline HP printer Online

You should follow the fixes stated herein, unless you get your offline printer online.

For Windows users:

1. Go to Start menu and type Printers and scanners in the search field.

2. After you enter the printer window, right-click to select Printer properties-> and open another small window.

3. You should tap on printer text in the menu bar and uncheck the Printer offline option.

Note: On the same pulled-down window, unselect the Pause printing option.

4. Once, you complete the Step 3 successfully, restart printer settings so, it gets visible online.

For Mac users:

1. You may begin with a single-click on Apple menu.

2. Next, select the System Preferences-> Print & Scan to open the respective window.

3. Now, tap anywhere on the printer window and select reset printing system

4. Confirm the action again by pressing the similar button on the dialog box.

5. Wait for a while and you will get the HP printer online.

However, after Reset HP Printer- if you still can’t find the Hp printer icon on the screen then, troubleshoot Printer WiFi connection.

Hope the steps help you get rid of HP printer error offline. However, if you need more DIY solutions, you may reach Printer Offline experts to help fix your problem.

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