The Most Powerful Question in the World

It’s … not what you think. Probably.

This is a short piece, because it doesn’t need to be any longer than this:

If you’re struggling with prioritizing your task list, or choosing what to work on next, there’s a simple and easy way to figure out your next step.

  1. Think about your intentions and goals. The big ones, I mean. The macro level. The projects. The personal and the professional.
  2. Is what you’re about to do going to move you closer to one of those goals?
  3. If yes, do it first thing, sooner rather than later, but in any event with your full attention and in a dedicated block of time, preferably one that falls inside the two-hour span of your peak relevant energy levels.
  4. If not, choose something else.

That’s … that’s it, really.

See? Told ya. Short and sweet.

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