Here I am

Hey, everybody!!! This is a typical Sophie’s style of appearing. ( Sophie from Two Broke Girls)

I really love it and I just use it here as my own. It has been one month since I had this blog. Until recently, I start to come up with idea that I have missed the statement of myself at the beginning. I know that it might be a little bit late to introduce me to all of you. But it’s never late for myself.

Annie in Roma, June 2017

I am Yuting and I come from Beijing, China. My English name is Annie. So just call me Annie. And now I am an international graduate student of Integrated Marketing of School of Professional Studies of New York University. ( NYU SPS) I live in NYC now and I really enjoy the life of being a New Yorker. I dream to work in an Ads agency company in the future. Moving forward to that!!!

During my leisure time, I love traveling, painting and reading. I have been to most places in China, Sri Lanka, Japan, Mexico, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain. And my travel is still moving on. I love to experience different cultures, to visit local museums, to taste different food and to take photos of its typical style of a specific place. Just do as Romans do when in Roma.

All these art pieces are my favorites. I cant help falling in love with art and museums. LOL. Hope I can visit all the museums all over the world one day!!!

Beside enjoying all these artworks, I also love the buildings. Bridges, cathedrals, museums themselves, and palaces and so on.

Hope to meet people who love museums too! I will keep updating the museums that I went. See U later.