Panning shot

I choose the filmmaker who called Jamusch, Jim. I used the similar technique as him to film the building. I used the Gopro and the Iphone 7 to make pan shot to film the building in the city.

Jim Jarmusch, Down by Law, 1986, Opening Sequence

Then I used the ‘Imovie’ to combine four small videos together. And I also am using the kind of cheerful music as Jim’s video. It can show that the surrounding environments are very relaxing. It can reveal the diverse city of normal. Using the panning shot because it emphasizes an expansive view that excesses the gaze. But I haven change the colour of the video, because I think the colours of the building are the framing between two building, and some colours are contrasting. The constracting of the colours can show that two areas are distinct. My idea to film the unit and the townhouse in the quite street it can make a compare of the normal modern building in the busy road, the two different styles and two different life-styles in one place. For the camera I used the vertical way to film the video, is different of Jim’s. The reason why I am using the vertical way that can show what I exactly watch while I am walking.

Panning shot of Sydney CBD, Annie Wang, 2017

I made this video is telling the audiences that living in the modern life-style but still have some reminiscent building we need to retain.

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