I genuinely feel sorry for a lot of these people, who feel they have to impress the world.
Mike Stevenson

It passes me by, too — we must be of the same bygone era ;-)

It worries me, though, that these are the people who will, eventually, be the ones running the world. Will they be able to uphold a society that keeps me happy into old age? Or will it crumble around me as they forget that real life interaction is essential?

I worry also that these people will never experience love. Actual, true, want-the-best-for-them love. Unconditional acceptance of a person without persistent requirement for validation of themselves and their relationship status. Where they won’t need to be told constantly how pretty they are but instead can co-exist in happy silence on a long journey without the desire to take a photo every five minutes that guarantees commitment because, oh look, if we’re together on Instagram then we must have a solid relationship.

Will true love die as we grow older? Am I just an old romantic? Does romance even exist anymore?

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