3D Model — Cut Version of Tyrannosaurus

For 3D modeling, I designed a play model of tyrannosaurus (actually it is more like the icon shown on the screen when chrome crashed down).

  1. Sketching

The idea of the model came for Pokemon #158 Totodile, like the sketch A followed.

Sketch A

However, with the 3D builder, to copy the shape complete is a little bit hard for my level, so I decide to divide and modify the model into geometrical shapes, like the sketch B.

Sketch B

The next step was turning the plane shapes into stereo, like sketch C.

Sketch C

2. Modeling

In the process of modeling, I found there were plenty of details could be applied to make the model more delicate and vivid. By adjusting the dimensions and the shapes, as well as shaping parts through grouping and cutting, the model could be more like a “tyrannosaurus” instead of one built up with building blocks.

3. Video Link:


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