48. Morning vs evening habits

I’ve started to appreciate the advice given by various motivational writers to focus on completing your goals in the morning, before life and time get in the way. It’s strange how time feels so discrete and so manageable when other people are barely even rising, yet seems to slip through my fingers like sand in the evening.

I’m definitely a morning exerciser, but not much more than that. I don’t love getting up early, although is probably closely related to my inability to get to bed at an appropriate time the night before. Yet I feel like I would get so much more done if I could just develop that clockwork bedtime routine and wake up hours before needing to get to work.

Otherwise, I find myself pottering around not really achieving very much, and about an hour before bed panic sets in as I realize that I haven’t achieved most of my daily habits, so a mad scramble ensues as I desperately juggle the multiple items I have set for myself to complete. Now, somehow I have so far managed to keep up with this circus. But I am sacrificing sleep and also habit 'quality' just to get them ticked off my list (e.g. churning out rushed Medium articles, putting on the shortest Headspace meditation possible) — and this to me seems to defeat the purpose of developing these daily habits in the first place.

With this in mind, I am going to aim, as much as possible, to start getting to bed earlier and waking up earlier in order to put more structure and rigor around completing my daily habits. Let’s see if that’s a habit I can stick to!