Ad Network Review: Adsterra and its Pros and Cons

Network Name


Network Type- CPM,PopUnder

Minimum Threshold- $100

Payment Mode- Paypal

Adsterra is a premium advertising network located in Scotland. It started its journey in 2013. The growth of this ad network is outstanding. It is covering more than 190 countries and generating more than 10 billion ad impressions per month. By seeing these numbers we could easily figure out how big this network is. Thousands of advertisers and publishers worldwide are using Adsterra network for web and mobile advertising solutions. The revenue models of this ad network are CPC, CPM and CPA.

Adsterra review sites prior to approval.

Image credit : Adsterra

Requirements to join Adsterra premium advertising network as a publisher

  • The sites must generate 50,000 page impressions monthly if publishers opt for banners and it is 5,000 monthly impressions for Pop-unders.
  • Publishers must not have had generated fake traffic before and after approval.
  • The site must not host illegitimate content like hacking, warez, software piracy, viruses, spam etc.


  • Being a publisher you should not try to alter the ad code.
  • Don’t use bots, traffic exchanges or software to manipulate traffic.

Note : Adsterra is serious when it comes to advertisers safety. Publishers caught guilty will eventually lose their earnings as well as account.

Ad formats

Adsterra is offering display banners, pop-unders, sliders and direct links for desktop. The ad formats offered for mobile are pop-unders, push up ads, Interstitial and display banners. Publishers should use the right combination of ads and place them in right slots to increase earnings.


Publishers get paid on bi-weekly basis. The payments get processed 2 times a month. The payment options are PayPal, Wire transfer, Paxum, Payza, ePayments, Webmoney and Payoneer.

The threshold payment for Paypal, Paxum,Payza, Payoneer, Webmoney is $100 where as it is $1000 for Wire transfer.

There would be a commission if you receive earnings via Paxum ($1) , Webmoney (8%) and Wire transfer ($45).

Pros of Adsterra premium advertising network

  • Premium advertising network
  • High quality ad inventory
  • Higher eCPM rates
  • Multiple advertising formats for desktop and mobile
  • Real time reporting system
  • Timely payments
  • Fast payment
  • Multiple payment options
  • 24/7 support

Cons of Adsterra premium advertising network

  • Low traffic sites can’t join this network because of traffic restrictions.
  • This ad network doesn’t allow blogspot blogs. Only sites with custom domains can monetize.
  • The minimum payout is very high when compared to other contemporaries.
  • The rates might be low for some countries traffic.
  • No referral program

Final Conclusion :

Adsterra work well for sites having great content and huge US/European traffic. This network is one of the best Google Adsense alternative. Publishers may lose their accounts if they indulge in illegal activities like sending fake traffic. Your earnings depend on location of visitors and niche of the site. Hope this Adsterra review help publishers to get started.