Ad Network Review: Division D

Alternative revenue streams are an important part of any publisher’s ad inventory. Of course, it’s important that you know your traffic, and that you don’t drive users away from your site

However, similar to diversifying an investment portfolio, diversifying advertising revenue streams can help protect against low CPM seasonality, and can leave you confidently relying on an alternative income flow.

Here, we review an ad network that is an excellent alternative revenue stream for the right publisher: Division-D.

Division-D Network Description

Founded in 2003, Division-D functions as a leading direct-to-publisher ad network facilitating digital media buys between top brands and publishers. Inc. 5000 has named Division-D one of their fastest-growing private companies for three years, and we’re a top 25 comScore ranked network.

Division-D provides publishers with an opportunity to generate substantial additional revenue streams beyond standard banners. We do this by offering ad units that are not standard rate card or media kit components. Without altering your standard pricing and avails, we can implement new ad units that are effective for advertisers, non-invasive to users and require little maintenance on your end.

Division-D Network Details


Minimum Payment:$ 50

Payment Frequency:Net 45

Payment Method:Paypal, WireCountry:US

Contact:Telephone: 573 446 5733

Division — D serves pop-unders for a flat CPM at 100% fill.

A pop-under is not as intrusive as pop-ups; although some users may find pop-unders intrusive, they can complement a publisher’s standard revenue stream if the ad is relevant to what the user is interested in.

Division — D offers a flat CPM on USA only for 300×250 but normally ask for a 1 frequency cap if you get this deal from them.

Their unlimited budget for the pop-under unit and their campaigns for the 300×250 ad unit are a great one, two punch.

Division D is a hybrid between a media buying agency and an ad network. Instead of owning their inventory, they have direct partnerships with publishers so they can reach out on a campaign to campaign basis for direct buys. The pop-under unit requires that the site gets clickthrough rates above.3% for the unit.