Git is nothing for them

Prolog of the therapy

This material or content is just for my unlearning activity which I have gone through which I never planned for. Hitting to work and doing things according to the way it should be. But many a time you need to put more effort to pull the events and deliver results. But, that is perfectly fine and make sense as things cost us. Universe always talks to you. Your perspective is guided by the universe I believe it. Ideas manufacturing in your mind and you put effort to make it happen in the real world is what gives us the confidence to do achieve what we haven’t yet. As the famous saying — Need is the mother of Inventions, Similarly, Git also has the story, about how it born. The father of Linux felt that there is a need of such tool which will help us maintaining the versions. Including him, many people welcome this tool and understood the importance of it.

Even I too learned, realized and used the Git tool and in today’s generation, this tool plays many roles apart from just maintaining versions of content. But I think now, I need to let some experiences here only and keep those good things which I think are good for me.

I am an Embedded Developer — and I use git tool and encourage others to use it too. But, I want share with you that there are some people around the globe who don’t know about it, don’t care about it, especially those who are in the power position in big companies. Do you know how good my experience was to learn git tool?

Fame and Flame

Messing with the code and mistakenly misplacing my working code was my daily routine once upon a time. One of my senior introduced me with git tool. I was doing my internship those days. Here, I won’t be narrating the advantages of git as there are many articles out already. But, the great thing was that now I can manage and keep track of my work and can refer to my old work in case I do any similar kind of project in the present. Presently, keeping git profiles on many such platforms make you famous among the community and bring amazing people to work together irrespective of their geographical position around the globe.

What kills me is the flame when people turn down without looking the work so posted, done on public git. I agree with those people who thinks that 5th standard basics are as important as the skills required to do the job, but, when the third party brings his/her own opinions in between the conversion and completely forgets the portfolio on platforms based on git, agenda and business issues, that makes me feel angrier.

Everybody has a style, taste, and a way to work, and by that, you can identify whose work it is. But, big companies and many old persons who are in positions evaluate an individual based on numbers so printed on the mark sheet. It doesn’t matter if that person holds, say 5 plus repo contribution. That is why we have to start our own startup finally.

Who cares about it?


As I said, the universe always talks to us in many forms every time. So, people who turned us down or ignored completely our work so posted on git based platforms, I thank them, because, I think those people were not to work with at that time. In future, there are much more people are waiting with whom we can work, who understand what I am working and respect my work. I care about my work and people who work with me. Who do not understand what I am working on, they may be not supposed to understand.

The journey of me and my work is always progressive and growing. Git maintains my work and version it. People who want to work with me in future should take a look at my past. I know, this does not apply on a romantic alliance. But still, you should see, through what all situations that person went and now standing right in front of the sun.