Startup Sucks!!! — Part 1

A Story in Bangalore…I will now move ahead on my highway…

First of all, let me clarify something here, I am not against starting up a “Startup”. I am not asking to shut down who have started up a Startup. I know there is a fan base of ‘Startup’ but I can’t help myself throwing up now. I am just saying that Startup Sucks!!!

“Committee — a group of men who individually can do nothing but as a group can decide that nothing can be done.” — Fred AHen

Before you go further, i would like to tell you, this is coming from a guy who worked for a few startups earlier and now, writing this shit just to unlearn whatever i have learn from it. May be after writing it up, i may feel good, or, i may find this as a good way to express myself to anybody. I am not starting a debate here on subject in which we will discuss about the Pros and Cons, favour and against, of working in a startup or starting up a ‘Startup’. I will leave all the Startup things here which makes me feel like “Startup Sucks”.

After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done.” — Unknown

There is a group of people, known as ‘Common Man’ , and there is another group of people, they are called as ‘Interns’. Common thing between a medical intern and an IT Startup intern is, both gets paid as much as the monthly rent of the PGs, or no stipend to make you realise that we completed our graduate degrees to live these days for this purpose only! The Startup Boss always got something to say to you at every steps. I am sure you find this situation often when you join a startup, where your Boss know shit about the shit he have started with this Startup. Boss aspect interns to build a rocket out of nuts stipend working for seven days in a week 18 hours in a bloody day. Do come early than your Boss to a shit Co — work kind of place, to open that space and clean it up, that is why security guys are so friendly with interns. Do not leave office early, stick with your butt till your boss leaves. Go with your boss for a cup of tea, and you got nothing to talk about with him as you both got no context in common to talk on. This makes your Boss feel like you are not keen about the work, not a pro-active guy, and not the right guy which will make his Startup rise and shine! At this point of time, intern start getting the feel of standing with a person with whom he/she just got married over the night and the Boss going to ask you on a daily basis how much did you helped him in getting his EMIs paid. It’s always about your Boss, how much beneficial you are for him in achieving his goals, car, apartments and may be a newly married wife, well, it depends upon your Boss Professional title. ‘Mr. Hola’ — Co Founder, CEO and MD of ‘Hola Technologies Pvt. Ltd’, who executes two interns, and this way ‘khola’ his bloody Company which might be not registred yet. And if you ask about the company’s registration and stuff, you will get the insane answer, ‘funding milte hi register karnge’ , investors, you know this!

“ Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.” — Walter Lippmann.

During interviews, the interviewer say this line for sure, “we need like minded people who will help Hola Technologies to become …” . This implies, the imaginary team already decided what to make, how to make and when to make. May be, the team already done with the product, the company may be hiring you to play with you emotions and time, so, they can check whether you are a fit to team which has pre defined group of people working together! Boss, i see a fine difference between ‘like minded’ people and people having interests in common. People with similar political views, like minded people. Wiping out a slum area and turning it up into a Real Estate space along with other Brands, Malls and amenities to come within it, is common interest, or more apt term is common-interest development, starve for profit always. Once you define your taste, you start looking for such company which actually do things which you are also interested in. This stage comes when you have spend a year or a little more working in a startup.

“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious” — Peter Ustinov.

Seriously, in startup, if you think for a minute, you are hired just to fulfill his/her objective. But, i will tell you, with what mentality you accepted the offer letter. You accepted the offer letter as an employee to this new startup, thinking that i got a new JOB. So, you are not the owner of the company, you know you are just an employee of this startup. You also have some desires to learn something, you may also have some hobbies, or at least you may have your life too. Earlier in college days you use to go to gym, your girlfriend waits for you in mall. But, you have signed a Job offer letter with happy mind aspecting that i have a JOB now! This is the perspective as an employee, not as an employer. At the day when you join the startup, you come to know the dark side of the company.

Very few people have the courage to go out and travel the spherical shape celestial body, others, keep on thinking that it is flat.