About you #4

You carved the smile on my face. It stays forever….at least that’s how long i wish it will be.

That day i talked about you with my friends. All of the sudden you called me which i didnt expect. I was so surprised.

“I miss you,” that’s what i wish was coming from the other side of the line.


I was so nervous that i can feel i speak too fast, cannot control myself. And sometimes i speak as if i’m angry, but i’m not, i’m just nervous and happy, and a little bit torn for falling to a false hope.

It was a short, professional call. Talking about some project we had in our community which i clearly had no idea what was happening. I was in holiday and away from where i usually meet you and your gorgeous black hair. And i wonder if you are aware of that. I hope that call was because you missed me.

“Happy holiday,” you said softly and slowly, right into my ear, from across the telephone. I can hear you smiling from there.

Then i said “thank you.” Of course i did not give enough, appropriate respond or trying to spark another topic to talk to because i was too nervous.

But since then, i recalled that moment. It never stopped playing. I never stopped smiling since then.

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