How to know that it’s the only chance you got.

people sometimes think that maybe they will have another time to do the same shit.

i just did yesterday. i joined some kind of debate club in my high school. i didnt go yesterday because i thought that today we will have another practice. i do have another reason why i cant make it tho. so i thought that maybe another day off wont hurt.

turns out its the next day and we didnt have practice because the others are unable to come. i can not having a debate alone right?

that lead me thinking, if only, we, as humans are able to predict what happens in the future. if only, we are able to turn back the time that we wasted. if only, we knew if it was the only chance that we got.

i feel pity for myself because i do put motivational quotes here on my lockscreen which says

take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.

yep. that hits me. i feel like throwing my phone to the floor. realizing that i was making stupid decisions.

but people say, sometimes what we think as bad choices might actually be the right one. but if it left a big heavy burn in your soul, would that be still the right one?

lesson that i got: do not make stupid decision. because you know you can not turn back the time. every opportunity that you have shall bring you to advantages. and thats okay to take everything while you have the time.

so, how to know if its the only thing that happen once? there is no way.