Working with Artificial Light
Eman Alshawaf

Banana pt. 2

To start, the imaging lab is a pretty sweet set up. I went to the one in Rapson and it was really spacious, chill, and easy to use. Honestly I think the hardest part of this assignment was just trying to recreate the last set of photos/find new angles for the banana… a lot of my last pictures utilized the background and different shadows and such so to switch from that to an all white background was slightly tricky.

It’s cool how the lighting changes and how the subject looks different… some images were softer and others were really contrasted. I really liked the whole side lighting thing too… The one of my roommate holding the banana like a phone was probably my favorite just because I think the side lighting produces a really interesting contrast and highlights interesting parts of my roomie/the banana that aren’t normally as highlighted in different types of lighting… Overall the imaging lab was a good experience.

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