How to Plan a Romantic Anniversary Trip: Celebrating Your Marriage by Planning a Surprise Weekend Away

Most anniversaries are boring, predictable, and anything but romantic. Spouses hint at (or simply tell) the other what gift they want. After placing their orders, they exchange the prearranged gifts and go out to dinner. Money was spent, but was it really a celebration of a marriage?

Planning a special getaway is a way to make the anniversary a date that both spouses look forward to all year.

A Great Alternative to Traditional Anniversary Gifts

The newness of any gift (no matter how great it is) will eventually wear off, but the memories of a special getaway will last forever and will only become more precious with time. Every couple should try forgoing the traditional anniversary gift at least once, and go on a second honeymoon together instead.

How to Plan a Romantic Anniversary Trip

A good anniversary trip could be anything from a 10-day Caribbean cruise to an overnight stay at the local Holiday Inn. A well-planned trip, regardless of budgetary constraints, makes for an excellent anniversary present. Some factors to consider when planning are:

● Duration of trip. How long is it feasible to be gone from work, school, and other obligations?

● Dates of the trip. Should the trip fall exactly on the anniversary date, or would it be better to wait for a weekend? Depending on the trip destination, some seasons of the year may be better than others.

● Destination. Choice of location depends on a couple’s budget and preferences. The destination can be international or local. Re-visiting the location of a honeymoon or finally taking the “someday-I’d-love-to” vacation together could be a good place to start.

● Activities. Would the ideal vacation be relaxing on the beach, enjoying the nightlife in the big city, or having fun on the ski slopes? Is it important to have fine dining and shopping nearby, or a secluded area surrounded by nature?

● Budget. The cost of an anniversary trip varies drastically depending on the destination. lodging, and types of food and entertainment chosen. Deciding on a budget before booking anything is a must.

● Babysitting and pet care. Young children and pets will obviously need someone to look after them, even for a short overnight trip. Depending on the length of the trip, couples may also need to find someone to water their plants, pick up the mail, and so on.

Make an Anniversary Getaway a Yearly Event

After trying it once, couples may find that they loved their anniversary trip so much they want to repeat it. A good idea is to trade off years, taking turns heading up trip planning and surprising the other spouse. The element of surprise means that a wife can eagerly anticipate what her husband is planning during his year, and the husband will know that his wife is hard at work creating a trip that he will love.

Anniversary trips don’t have to be expensive, elaborate, or long to make a positive impact on a marriage. The key is to eliminate everyday distractions like children, cell phones, and e-mail, freeing spouses to concentrate on each other.