Interaction Design

What I did:

In this sprint, I designed the interaction screen of an app call “where r the deer”. I choose this topic because people have taken over a lot of living space of wild animals. The purpose of this app is to help scientists track the habitats of the deer population in urban or suburban area. I also created an scenario: Shelby loves walking on the trail. One day, she spotted a group of deer during her walk. She quietly pulled out her phone and recorded this information. To help deer protecting their habitats, users can use this app to share the locations of deer and upload pictures.

I started by targeting the users, like joggers, bikers, drivers, hikers, hunters, and deer lovers, who are nonprofessionals but are willing to help scientists collect data. Users will report their location on the map with longitude and latitude. Numbers of deer and time of the day are also recorded. Then, they would briefly describe what they saw along with pictures or videos.

Here is a link to my app:

The youtube link to my app:

My design of interaction flow
first draft of interaction screen
our group discussion

What I liked about this sprint:

I like how we always brainstorm ideas with the whole group instead of our own. I can come up with 8 or 9 ideas but they are all very similar. Looking at other people’s ideas gave me a broader perspective. I’m always amazed by how creative people are.

Different from the last sprint, we had to draw out the navigation of the app and actually “build” it with an tool called “Marvel”. I had to think about what button goes where and add “home button” on almost all the pages. It’s a lot of details and making an interaction is very different from designing it.

Discussing with my group helped me a lot with this project. They were my “debuggers”. Everyone has a different opinion, and absorbing good ideas makes mine even better.

Where can I use this technique in the future:

Designing and making user interaction page is a very important step after doing UCD Charrette. When I have decided who my users are and what my project does, I need to focus on how my project is going to interact with the users. Maybe I need a button says “upload pictures” somewhere and link pages together.

In the future projects, I think this technique will be helpful for designing an interface, an app or a website. Using tools like “Marvel” helps designers see the good design and the bad design. For example, if I’m making a school website, I’ll need to link all the pages together. This technique builds the interaction and eliminate unnecessary pages.

However, if I’m making a purse, it’s really hard to use this technique since users are not really interacting with the purse nor clicking on any links. So it wouldn’t work for designing products.