Week 34: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so…
Amy Siskind

As I noted on Twitter, thank you so much for your hard work on this weekly journal of unthinkable events that are happening every day. Most of the items in this week’s list I was aware of to some extent, however, I have not been able to compile such a great reference.

I had a total hip replacement about 2 weeks ago and will have several more weeks of recuperation to go, so intend to continue to keep up. About a month ago I went to a neighborhood meeting of the ACLU and have info on how to get involved more once I am released to drive. I am 68 yrs old and was raised in the South, worked during my summers during college on the first Job Corps and the first Head Start programs in MS. I am appalled by everything Trumpian, and intend to do everything I personally can to end this administration, and fight it’s effects.

Again many thanks!


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