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One Step Ahead

In my life as a virtual career worker, I have always brushed with the term “standing on the shoulder of giants.”

I was not the first ever virtual career worker. I was one of the many who took the risk. I looked up to other people and found out that I could also live the life they have — free from the cubicle, from traffic and commute, from missing family occassions, and missing life.

I was resolved to the fact that there will always be people who will be one step ahead of me.

The question is: should I move one step ahead as well?

I know of people who gaze upon the giants, with the hopeful look of “someday.” But they wait on so many times — time when they will be at a better position, more money, more of just literally TIME to finally move their feet.

They never do. Because they wait for the perfect moment. I used to think that way, too.

I also know of people who gaze upon the giants, with the hopeful look of “someday”. But they slowly find their way, albeit small, to go up to the giant’s shoulder. They may not be in a better position, not enough money (because it is never enough), and they also have the same 24 hours as any other human being.

And they see what the giants see. Because they took small steps. I’m happy to have taken small steps, too.

Getting one step ahead does not mean taking bold steps right away. Sometimes, small steps will do.

Then, you’ll realize you see the horizon. You are in a better position. You have wealth, not money. You have more time.

Now, another question is: what if the giants have made another step and you’re now way behind? Does it mean you fell?

The giants should move. They have to. So they can get a better view to show us.

If you think you fell, you can still climb your way up to their shoulders.

Or if all else fails, follow their footprints.

All you need is one step.