The Secret You Forgot about Success
William Treseder

Wow. Period.

I have been an elementary school teacher for 29 years. (a sixty year old most certainly can teach a twenty year old or a seven year old-keep an open mind!) However, you are on the mark with your rich knowledge. There are so many simple yet powerful elements in this piece. I have been struggling somewhat alone this year due to a severe accident that has left a teacher without any students this year while I recover. I am reaching out today!

Here is an interesting anecdote- I spent much of my career “looping” with students. If you don’t know, this the concept of keeping a group of students and their teacher together for two or more years. The class becomes a family and the teacher knows students so well, you hit the ground running at the beginning of the year. Without fail, students make more than the expected growth in each year of looping.

I taught one group of students for three years- first, second, and third grade, 2000–2003. The majority of these students are still in touch with me today. They are twenty-five now. I taught one extremely intelligent child who told me then, “If I ever go to college, it’s going to be because of you.” I have looked on through the years and felt a tug of disappointment when she pursued waitressing and got off the academic path. No one in her family had gone to college.

Two months ago she wrote me and asked me to write her one all-important reference letter that she needed for nursing school which I happily did. What an honor! Now five hundred miles apart, I got that ecstatic phone call just last night- “I got in!” she screamed! These teacher/student relationships that turn into mentor/peer relationships (open mind!) are the best that it gets. I know who profits more, at least in my experience.

I have taught using the flipped classroom my career. I just didn’t know it had a name Almost thirty years ago, it probably didn’t.

I am sending this article on to my administrator who will appreciate your words and ideas.

I see parallels in what challenges are before me now- physical and mental rehabilitation. I am going to reread this article and take notes. This is a treasure!May I ask about the opening photograph? That picture “paints a thousand words “. Is there a way I might gain a copy of the charming box teacher/student or mentor/peer giving that needed nudge? I would be grateful.

I am also so thankful for your wisdom and perseverance. Thank you! Count me as your newest follower! Remember, don’t prejudge the power of wisdom gained with years of experience.

Ann Cobb

North Carolina

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