Tioman Trip 2017 With OWNDAYS Colleagues

Day 1:

The day started at 6am to take the Jetty to Tioman Island. It was a 4-hour journey where most of us took the time to rest before we started our activities for the day. For the first activity, our Area Manager (AM) suggested that we played a game in the pool to get to know our fellow colleagues better. We played the game ‘Monkey’ where among the 12 of us, 3 of us will be the monkeys and attempt to steal the ball from us. This activity allowed us to bond together and understand each other better, and I realised that our personalities are very different at work and at our leisure time.

After a day of activities, we had dinner together. Although the food was not the best, everybody had a great time and where very full at the end of it.

Day 2:

The first activity of the day is taking a buggy ride at the jungle. It was my first time riding a buggy and it was a thrilling experience. We went on to trek around the jungle after the ride, and spent some time at a river that we came across during the trek.

After that, we went snorkelling in the ocean and saw many sea creatures. The underwater view was amazing and it was an exciting experience for me. We went on to have our dinner after a long day of activities, and celebrated Jessica’s birthday at the same time.

We played a few rounds of poker after dinner, where the forfeit was to have your face drawn using lipstick. It was a fun night and we had a good laugh at all of our faces.

Day 3:

It is the last day of the trip and the 5 of us Waiho,me,Zoe,Ron and Trevor went another part of the island, with a beach with finer sand and a better view. The hike to the beach took us around 45 minutes and we left early in the morning so that we can reach back on time.

It was time for us to return home. I’m grateful to have spent the past few days with my colleagues and got to know them better, and also to have a good rest. Thank you OWNDAYS and our two AMs for organising the short getaway!