Yesterday i went to SM city Manila watched this movie, the family have 3 members the father Edgar, mother kaye and daughter Angel, the mother was doing the Ponzi scheme which like investment money, she is a follower of Yeshua. when the mother’s business have problem they face big threat, they needed to pay debt almost 200m, its hard for them to paid but they have dateline if they dont pay maybe the daughter will got danger.

In this film the mother was too much faith in Yeshua, she believed that the God would help her family if she continue donate the money and pray. The husband were tried to told her to face the true, only face the problem so that we can solved them. The father also doing the wrong way, to rob a bank and asked help for his brothers and they rob the money from church of Yeshua.

At the last of the film they got gunshot and the father killed the couple who kidnap her wife. This is very sad ending or actually it dont have ending. We dont know if the wife is died or not and the father were arrest.

Have a faith is nice it can make we feel rely on, but if the this faith are fake, i mean if the religion are not purity not really help we must be carefull, actually only ourself can help us, we just need to put God in our heart and make sure what we do is right, its not going to hurt anyone. The father sacrificed himself to protected his family he is courageous, the father were forced.

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